STL-Rifles-precision actions from our own design and production – “Made in Germany”

While the first STL precision rifles were created using purchased components, since 2010 we exclusively use single and repeating actions from our own production. Rifles with STL precision actions are available only with us. The experience we gathered in the past lead to further improvements of construction and design details.



STL-Rifles-Rifles with STL precision actions are available only with us. Our bolt actions passed their baptism of fire with distinction in comprehensive testing and by winning championships already in the launch year.

The action of a precision rifle is a crucial part to achieve the maximum of accuracy and a the best possible safety for the shooter. To compromise with construction, manufacturing or the used materials would have meant to compromise with safety and accuracy.

While dimensioning the action we did not seek to set new records in terms of weight saving. Our intention was to create extremely rigid and torsion proof precision actions. Our actions therefore have all the features essential for a precision rifle.

We have put the best possible compromise between weight and accuracy into practice.
In the choice of materials we could have picked steels easier to process or we could have saved one or other processing step. But we do not aim for optimal machining properties or cheapest method of production but the best possible result. For this we gladly accept the required extra work, effort and diligence.
In the meantime STL actions in our precision rifles have proved their worth in all areas of application and are acknowledged beyond European borders.

The actions used in our precision rifles all exhibit the following essential features:

The Material
Receiver and chamber are made from high-strength and pre-hardened special steel with a tensile strength of ~1200N/mm² and high tenacity. The composition of the steel, its alloy components and the special hardening process using the latest technology are perfectly adapted to the purpose. All components of the actions are heat-treated after machining. That method of processing ensures maximum dimensional accuracy of the components with regard to warpage. The chamber is fitted with minimal tolerances as the whole action is manufactured with minimal tolerances.
The final standard treatment of the surfaces of all action parts provides low wear and optimum friction characteristics compared to stainless steel actions. With minimum care the action is practically rust-proof.

Three Lug Bolt Principle

The three large-surface lug bolts, arranged at an angle of 120 degrees, ensure optimal support of the cartridge base while shooting even at gas pressures exceeding 4000 bar. The so-called “banana-effect”, a permanent deformation of the cartridge after the shot, does not occur here. The alignment of the cartridge in a right angle to the barrel axis is given at any time.

The Extractor

The extractor is designed in such a way that the required milling groove weakens the highly stressed bottom of the chamber not more than strictly necessary. Thus the deformation of the chamber head at highest gas pressures is avoided, the cartridge remains perfectly aligned to the barrel axis.
The extractor is designed as a so-called predetermined breaking point. This has the advantage that an improperly calibrated cartridge, pressed with the closing cams leverage force into the chamber does not destroy the elaborate chamber when extracted. In the worst case of improper handling only the extractor must be replaced.

The Opening Angle

Due to the construction principle the opening angle of the chamber measures only 60 degrees. The effort required to open and close the chamber is only as much as it has to be.

Ignition Delay

The ignition delay, that is the time between pulling the trigger and release of the firing pin, is very short, because the firing pin is extremely light. Furthermore, it has to travel only a very short distance and the spring force of the firing spring is limited to what is necessary to ensure reliable ignition of the cartridge.

Available Triggers

STL direct trigger, sporting rifle. Adjustable with approx. 50-600g pull weight.
STL direct trigger, hunting rifle. Adjustable with approx. 70-2000g pull weight.
Settings are generally offered as a factory preset or are adjusted by a qualified specialist. This guarantees that weight, trigger stop and sear engagement are optimally adjusted.
The triggers are available without a safety, or with a safety activated from either above or below. The triggers can also be mounted directly into all STL systems, Remington 700 systems and their clones.

Single Loader Actions

STL single loader actions are not equipped with an extractor, because in practice it makes sense to remove the often laboriously processed and reloaded cartridges carefully by hand out of the chamber and put them back into the cartridge box instead of them falling to the floor in a high arch beforehand.

Multi-Loader Actions

In STL multi-loader rifles we do not use multi-row magazines. This is because single-row magazines require a smaller cut-out in the receiver, increasing the rigidity of the latter. A rigid receiver is a precondition for accuracy.

Picatinny Rail

The picatinny rail of all our actions is always milled from the solid. All models are equipped with integrated picatinny rail for scope mounting or other sighting devices. We recommend STL one-piece-mounts or high-quality scope rings.
For special applications the picatinny rail can be milled or abraded to allow for any type of scope mount. This means we can offer hunting rifles with traditional mounts like the Suhler claw mount. In general, any type of mount is possible, whereby it goes without saying that only mounting parts of the highest quality are used, of course.

Available Actions

System Type S for cartridges with a length of up to 88 mm
System Type M for cartridges with a length of up to 103 mm
All CIP centerfire calibres with a cartridge base diameter of up to 15 mm available.
Both system types available for left hand shooters.