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Years ago, my wife and I decided to take up shooting sports again as a way of getting rid of the tensions of everyday life. My wife shot air rifles when she was young and I grew up in a family of target shooters.

After beginning my vocational training, I liked to go out hunting and did so regularly. Although we tried out many different guns that our sporting comrades had, we found that precision shooting was what we both liked best. Our son joined in and also became increasingly enthusiastic.

So, in quick succession, I ordered two long-range precision rifles from a manufacturer that would, as I assumed, deliver high-grade accurate target rifles. Unfortunately, we were wrong about this. Both the work quality and the business conduct of the manufacturer we chose were so disappointing that I decided to take a closer look at the subject of precision rifle manufacturing.

In a rigorous search for accuracy and perfection, during which I benefited a great deal from my own long-standing work experience in several technical fields as well as the many tips I received from an “old hand”, I came to increasingly enjoy building my own custom-made rifles from high-grade components and parts I had developed and produced myself, thus creating the kind of precision rifles I had hoped to buy when I first started out.

It goes without saying that, from the very beginning I focused on producing precision reloaded ammunition. Over time I became a sought-after adviser for sports comrades and hunters looking to improve their shooting skills and increase accuracy. The growing demand for parts and complete rifles ultimately convinced me to turn my passion into my profession. As time passed, I established useful contacts and acquired the necessary legal permits to manufacture precision rifles of the highest quality and in a broad range of designs. Since then, our customers and we ourselves have won many competitions and championships using STL precision rifles.

The advantages of the precision rifles I produce have become well-known among sports marksmen, hunters, people who use weapons in a professional setting and the trade press. We not only offer you a solid standard, but build custom rifles that cater to individual needs and special wishes. As a rule, you will be able to hold the STL rifle of your dreams in your hands within 4-6 months after order placement. Our satisfied customers confirm without exception the excellent shooting performance of our products even with factory ammunition.

Satisfied customers are my motivation.

Manfred Schmitt